The District Grand Council of Northumberland

Royal and Select Masters

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There are over 240 Councils under the Grand Council, administered from Mark Masons' Hall. The Order of Royal and Select Masters comprises four 'degrees' - The Select Master, Royal Master, Most Excellent Master and Super Excellent Master. They are jointly known as the 'Cryptic' degrees.

The degrees of this Order make the link between the third degree of Craft Freemasonry and the recovery of the lost Word in the Royal Arch. Candidates for membership must be members of the Craft, Royal Arch Chapter and Mark. Historically, to pass through the chair a brother must have passed through the Masters' chairs in the Craft and Mark degrees and the First Principal's chair in the Royal Arch Chapter - hence the term 'Thrice Illustrious Master'. However, this requirement has been dropped, but the name remains. The business of private councils is transacted in the degree of Select Master. Lodges of Most Excellent Master, Councils of Royal Masters and Councils of Super-Excellent Masters are opened only to admit candidates.

Out friends in the District of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire produced this very informative video, and our thanks go to them for allowing us to how it here.