The District Grand Council of Northumberland

Royal and Select Masters

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At this moment of time there are 5 Councils in the District.

The Royal Kent Council ‘A’ TI meets on the fourth Tuesday of February, April and September at Falmouth House on Hexham Road in Throckley.

The Recorder (Andrew Jennigs) can be contacted on ‭07969 468551‬.

The Northumbria Council No. 160 meets on the first Thursday of March, May and December in the Masonic Hall on Hartford Road East in Bedlington.

The Recorder (Donald Auld) can be contacted on 01670 829483.

The Priors Haven Council No. 173 meets on the third Wednesday of January, March and September in Freemasons Hall on Albion Road in North Shields.

The Recorder (Neville Topping) can be contacted on 0191 2904165

The Wudcestre Council No. 190 meets on the fourth Thursday of January, May and October in the Masonic Hall on John Street in Ashington.

The Recorder (John Tomlin) can be contacted on 01670 857758

The Hexhamshire Council No. 193 meets on the first Wednesday of February, May and December in the Masonic Temple on Westfield Terrace in Hexham.

The Recorder (Colin Reader) can be contacted on 01434 604579