The District Grand Council of Northumberland

Royal and Select Masters


The District Grand Council of Northumberland was constituted during a meeting held on Friday 11th April 1997 in the Masonic Hall in Gateshead.

The following year the first Annual Meeting of the District was held in the Masonic Hall in Ashington with the Royal Kent Council ‘A’ TI hosting the proceedings.

Since that time the District has met in differing locations and at differing times of the year. The decision has now been made to hold the meetings on the fourth Saturday of October each year, in the Masonic Hall on Corbridge Road, Newcastle upon Tyne.

As with all Masonic Bodies the District is administratively run by an Executive committee which consists of:

The District Grand Master

R. Ill. Comp. John Harvey

The Deputy District Grand Master

V. Ill. Comp. Colin Hume, PGLect

The District Grand Principal Conductor of the Work

Ill. Comp. Hugh Ross Cree, PGConC

The District Grand Treasurer

Comp. John Bruce

The District Grand Recorder

Ill. Comp. Denis R Niblett, JP, PAGDC

The District Grand Director of Ceremonies

Ill. Comp. Andrew C Jennings, DepGDC

Two members of the District elected yearly to serve for one year.

Ill. Comp. Maurice Mills, PGCondC & Ill. Comp. John Meikle, PAGDC, DistGLect.

DepDGM            DGM             DGPCW